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Our group CatSEE conducts interdisciplinary research on the borderline of physics, chemistry and materials science/engineering. Our work includes the following areas of science and technology:


  • purification of water/air contaminated with organic wastes
  • synthesis of materials for environmental protection and renewable energy sources
  • production of chemicals as energy carrier/storage
  • unconventional energy sources: ultrasounds, microwaves


  • analysis of the properties of materials
  • chemical synthesis under unconventional energy sources: ultrasounds, microwaves
  • preparation of thin layers/films on various substrates
  • full characterization of nanostructures
  • surface modification through the introduction of various functional groups and nanostructures


  • (sono)-,(photo)-,(thermo)-catalytic synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and food additives
  • synthesis of organic compounds, nanoparticles and new materials with (sono)-,(photo)-,(thermo)-catalytic properties


  • innovative microfluidic techniques for green organic synthesis
  • scientific and technological advice
  • nanoscale catalysts: water purification using solar radiation and intermediates production from organic waste for the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Techno-Economical Analysis

We carry out preliminary analyses without incurring any cost, since we want to build lasting relationships based on knowledge and trust. Just try us out and ask us a question. If you need external financing, we can jointly prepare the grant application or other documents required to obtain financing.

For more information please contact: Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos Colmenares, jcarloscolmenares@ichf.edu.pl 


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