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III International Congress BERSTIC 2022 – Academic


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3rd International Congress of ICT-supported Biorefineries and Renewable Energies (BERSTIC), April 22-29, 202

Sustainable Hydrogen Production by Wet and Dry Photoreforming of Biomass and Biogas Derived Compounds - Juan Carlos Colmenares Quintero – Poland

Medellin – Colombia: Conference website

Watch video from Conference on Youtube

The III International Congress on Biorefineries and ICT-supported Renewable Energies – BERSTIC is an event organized by the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (UCC) in collaboration with the COST Network (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) of the European Union, the Royal Academy of Engineering of the United Kingdom and the Hotel Zuana, which brings together researchers, academics, industry and government entities in the following thematic lines:

  • Biorefineries
  • Renewable energy, water and air
  • Industry 4.0 for the energy, water, air and biorefinery sectors


National Science Centre in Poland for the following projects:

Sonata Bis Nr. 2015/18/E/ST5/00306

OPUS-13 project nr 2017/25/B/ST8/01592

OPUS-20 project nr 2020/39/B/ST5/00076


agenda_berstic_2022___april.pdf bita__cora___panel_expertos_europeos__colombia_y_la_unio__n_europea__27_abril_2022.pdf agenda_confirmados18_29.pdf

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