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Prof. Dr. Colmenares placed in the 2020 list of "World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists/Researchers"



Stanford University distinguished Prof. Dr. J.C. Colmenares (one more consecutive year!!!) on the TOP 2% list. It is a prestigious ranking of scientists in the world. It contains the names of researchers whose publications are most often cited by other authors from related disciplines according to the bibliometric index. This is a breakthrough position in the group of the most influential people of science in the world for 2020.



table_1_authors_career_2020.xlsx   table_1_authors_singleyr_2020.xlsx  

Prof. Dr. J.C. Colmenares sincerely thanks his family, students, collaborators/cooperators, his institution (IChF-PAN), the European Union and the National Science Center (in Poland) for financial support, co-authors, and well-wisher; without you, this journey would not have been possible. Let’s do more disruptive things and grow together.

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