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Patent application: A flow microreactor system and the way of conducting photocatalytic processes using it


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The invention provides a method and an apparatus for microfluidic, photocatalytic and photobiological processes using LED light.

Advantages and innovative aspects

  1. Power saving and the uniform light distribution.
  2. Possibility of miniaturization.
  3. Proper cooling system for LEDs.
  4. Liquids can be sterilized in the flow.

Selected potential applications

  1. Photocatalytic synthesis under light emitted by LEDs.
  2. Antibacterial purifier of water.


We are very grateful for the support from the National Science Centre in Poland within Sonata Bis project nr 2015/18/E/ST5/ 00306.


patent_nr_5_eng.pdf   patent_nr_5_pl.pdf  


Dariusz Łomot, Swaraj Rashmi Pradhan, and Juan Carlos Colmenares. Patent application P.430411 – 30.06.2019 - Poland.

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