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Our lab focuses on the design, preparation, characterization and application of advanced solutions for catalytic processes. 

  • Our scientific mission is to develop alternative and sustainable technologies for the degradation and recovery of organic components in industrial waste.
  • We apply state of the art techniques such as catalysis, nanotechnology and materials science to provide innovative solutions for sustainable energy generation. From capturing and transforming organic matter from wastewater to developing catalytic conversion processes for fossil fuels – we hold a talented team that provides excellent work.
  • We focus on the development of new eco-friendly nanomaterials, catalysts and processes. Our products are currently being used in various fields including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, automotive, electronics and energy production with a future focus on food and nutrition. 

We’re dedicated to catalytic processes that produce novel green products and are also challenging in terms of catalyst preparation and characterization. We have a world-class group of researchers whose expertise is essential to our mission of developing advanced catalysts for renewable energy, biofuels and clean water treatment.

Research rooms

We are a research team dedicated to the studies of structures and properties of nanomaterials.

  • Our main interests cover such topics as catalyst preparation, catalysis, surface chemistry, nanoengineering, catalyst poisoning and degradation in various fields of science including biofuels.
  • We have several engineering laboratories that provide support to our research in the fields of photocatalysis, catalysis and biomass pyrolysis. Our facilities include a chemistry laboratory equipped with a wide range of solutions that can be used for the preparation of novel catalysts and wet chemical processes. 


We work on a number of areas that include sonication, sol-gel and photochemical syntheses of novel eco-friendly nanomaterials, solventless extraction and separation processes for lignocellulosic-based personal care products; photochemical and thermal catalysts in the synthesis of polyhydroxylated aromatic compounds from CO2.

Our team is focused on developing the best catalysts and processes for sustainable technologies, with a special emphasis on microbial catalysis, biotechnology and green chemistry. 

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