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Unravelling the Interfacial Dynamics of Band-gap Funneling in Bismuth-based Halide Perovskites



We have developed an environmentally friendly mixed-halide perovskite MA3Bi2Cl9 – xIx with a band-gap funnel structure. However, the dynamic interfacial interactions of band-gap funneling in MA3Bi2Cl9 – xIx perovskites in the photoelectrochemical (PEC) system remain ambiguous. In light of this, we prepared single- and mixed-halide lead-free bismuth-based hybrid perovskites — MA3Bi2Cl9 – yIy and MA3Bi2I9 (named MBCl-I and MBI) — in the presence and absence of the band-gap funnel structure, respectively.

Using temperature-dependent transient photoluminescence and electrochemical voltammetric techniques, we therefore confirmed the photophysical and (photo)electrochemical phenomena of solid – solid and solid – liquid interfaces for MBCl-I and MBI halide perovskites. Concerning the mixed-halide hybrid perovskites MBCl-I with a band-gap funnel structure, stronger electronic coupling arising from an enhanced overlap of electronic wavefunctions results in more efficient exciton transport.

Besides, MBCl-I’s effective diffusion coefficient and electron transfer rate demonstrate efficient heterogeneous charge transfer at the solid – liquid interface, generating improved photoelectrochemical hydrogen production. Consequently, this combination of photophysical and electrochemical techniques opens up an avenue to explore the intrinsic and interfacial properties of semiconductor materials for elucidating the correlation between material characterisation and device performance.

Unravelling the Interfacial Dynamics of Band-gap Funneling in Bismuth-based Halide Perovskites

by Yunqi Tang, Chun Hong Mak, Jun Zhang, Guohua Jia, Kuan-Chen Cheng, Haisheng Song, Mingjian Yuan, Shijun Zhao, Ji-Jung Kai, Juan Carlos Colmenares, Hsien-Yi Hsu. Advanced Materials (2023), 2207835.

DOI: 10.1002/adma.202207835
First published: 12 January 2023

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