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In Situ Coupling of Ultrasound to Electro- and Photo-Deposition Methods for Materials Synthesis



This short review provides the current state-of-the-art of in situ coupling of ultrasound to chemical deposition methods. A synergetic action of the ultrasound and light radiation or electrical fields may result in new powerful methodologies, and these include sonophotodeposition and sonoelectrodeposition processes. The effect of ultrasound is explained on the base of different physical mechanisms emerging from cavitation phenomenon. Some possible mechanisms of the interactions between ultrasound and photochemical and electrochemical processes are discussed here. The application of sonophotodeposition and sonoelectrodeposition as green energy sources in the syntheses of different nanomaterials is also reviewed.

Agnieszka Magdziarz and Juan C. Colmenares. Molecules, 22(2) (2017) 216; doi:10.3390/molecules22020216

Open Access!!! http://​www​.mdpi​.com/1420 – 3049/​22/​2/​216/​pdf and http://​www​.mdpi​.com/1420 – 3049/22/2/216/ 

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