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Hydrogen production by steam reforming of DME over Ni-based catalysts modified with vanadium



Dimethyl ether steam reforming (DME-SR) for hydrogen production has been studied over VNi/​Al2O3 catalysts as part of an investigation aimed at the development of effective technology based on second generation of biofuels. Methanol steam reforming (MeOH-SR) was investigated as a step of the DME-SR process. High activity in the MeOH-SR was observed and two different mechanism depending on temperature and influenced on the vanadium content (0.5, 1 and 3%): direct methanol decomposition to CO and H2 was observed at low temperature and low vanadium content, methanol steam reforming reaction occurs majorly to give an almost stoichiometric H2/CO2 ratio at moderate to high temperature (400 ºC) over 3VNi. DME conversion is complete at 500 ºC over VNi catalysts in DME-SR, as a two steps reaction: DME hydrolysis and MeOH-SR giving an H2 rich gas reformate was generated with a H2 selectivity c.a. 60 – 70% from DME SR over 0.5VNi and 3VNi, values maintained during 4.5 h of activity in the same reaction conditions with no signs of deactivation or significant coke formation over catalyst surface.

Hydrogen production by steam reforming of DME over Ni-based catalysts modified with vanadium

R. González-Gil, C. Herrera, M.A. Larrubia, P. Kowalik, I.S. Pieta and L.J. Alemany. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41(43) (2016) 19781 – 19788.


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