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Biofuel steam reforming catalyst for fuel cell application



Within the ongoing project, related to fuels and energy production from biomass, agricultural and other wastes, the technology based on SOFC stack and steam reforming is under development. The project aims to present an efficient technology for biogas reforming and continuous supply of reformate fuel to the working SOFC stack. The decision, concerning reforming unit and the stack separation, has been made after detailed analysis of advantages and disadvantages of internal reforming. The set of Ni-based catalysts was prepared and investigated for the external biogas steam reforming. To determine the optimal condition of the reforming process the effect of reaction temperature (RT – 773 K) for steam to carbon (S/C) molar ratio of 2.5 in the feedstock was investigated. Conversions rates and H2/CO ratios in the produced syngas were influenced by the feedstock composition and catalyst used. The increase in the catalyst activity can be attributed to the specific catalyst – promoter interactions such as the redox capacity of V2O5 and its influence on surface Ni-species.

Biofuel steam reforming catalyst for fuel cell application

P. Kowalik, K. Antoniak-Jurak, M. Błesznowski, M.C. Herrera, M.A. Larrubia, L.J. Alemany and I.S. Pieta. Catalysis Today, 254 (2015) 129 – 134


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