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Low-temperature ultrasound-promoted synthesis of Cr-TiO2-supported photocatalysts for valorization of glucose and phenol degradation from liquid phase


► Novel supported Cr-TiO2 photocatalysts synthesized by ultrasound-assisted impregnation technique. ► High glucose selective photo-oxidation to glucaric acid and gluconic acid. ► Photocatalysts with high potential for aqueous phase phenol selective total mineralization and solar chemicals production. ► Production of valuable compounds by a one-pot photocatalytic pathway.


J.C. Colmenares, A. Magdziarz, K. Kurzydlowski, J. Grzonka, O. Chernyayeva, D. Lisovytskiy, Applied Catalysis B, Environmental 134 – 135 (2013) 136 – 144

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