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Current barriers and future challenges


Prospects for the global economy do not look promising when facing global crises in financial, social, environmental and energy matters. Matters could soon reach the point of instability unless radical sustainability measures and actions are adopted. In order to meet the demands of future sustainable supply and consumption, the global system in general, and the chemical industry and energy supply chains in particular, have to undergo dramatic changes. It is essential to implement green chemical methods featuring environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially acceptable practices, views that can only be properly analyzed by means of a multiangle approach. In this chapter, we aim to provide important issues to address, present barriers and future challenges for sustainable development based on green chemistry. The advantages and weaknesses of different sustainability pathways will also be discussed.

Current barriers and future challenges

e-Book: An introduction to green chemistry methods”. Editors: R. Luque and Juan C. Colmenares. Future Science publishing, United Kingdom. October 2013, Pages 168 – 181. Doi: 10.4155/ebo.13.367.


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