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Supported plasmonic nanocatalysts for hydrogen production by wet and dry photoreforming of biomass and biogas derived compounds: Recent progress and future perspectives



Nowadays, the pursuit of a circular economy and sustainability pushes the world’s efforts toward less fossil fuel‑dependent energy production strategies. The sense of sustainability, thus, means searching for effective approaches involving ecological fuels, and processes with a little environmental concern. Approaches for utilization of such renewable resources like solar energy as a driving force, and biomass‑derived compounds as feedstocks for simultaneous hydrogen production as the most promising energy carrier, are currently gaining their momentum as the solutions for sustainable energy generation, and tackling climate change. In this paper, we review the scientific advances in photocatalytic hydrogen production from biomass‑derived compounds via wet‑ and dry‑ photoreforming over metal‑loaded‑semiconductor photocatalysts. Based on the recent literature reports, we narrowed focus particularly to designing the state‑of‑the‑art photocatalysts which renders substantial enhancement of their performance possible via localized surface plasmon resonance effect.

K. Ćwieka, K. Czelej, J.C. Colmenares, K. Jabłczyńska, Ł. Werner, and Leon Gradoń. ChemCatChem, 13 (202144584496OPEN ACCESS!!! 


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