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A comprehensive review on selected graphene synthesis methods: from electrochemical exfoliation through rapid thermal annealing towards biomass pyrolysis



The progressive development of technology and industry in the new millennium emergently require finding balance between economic progress and new smart materials. Graphene as a carbon allotrope since discovery attracted enormous attention due to several extraordinary properties that originate from its physical and chemical assets. However, the most important obstacle in graphene assembly still is the production of high-quality graphene on large scale using cost-effective methods. The presented review article aims to give information on a turning point in graphene synthesis, with reference on a detailed analysis of electrochemical exfoliation, rapid thermal annealing and biomass pyrolysis. Selected methods for graphene and graphene based nanomaterials production were not covered by the literature to their maximum potential, from our point of view. Through overview of the selected synthesis methods we explored their prospects and limitations regarding precursor type and reaction conditions. Further, through several most important characterization techniques for graphene we revealed in details the properties of graphene and graphene based nanomaterials obtained through selected methods. Finally, a particular potential application depending on nanomaterial properties obtained through selected methods was pointed out.

J. Prekodravac, D. Kepic, J.C. Colmenares, D.A Giannakoudakis, and S.P. Jovanovic. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9 (2021) 6722 – 6748.


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