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Progress in natural polymer engineered biomaterials for transdermal drug delivery systems



The route of a specific drug carrier system is always a significant platform of development that combines the principles of biomedical technology, nanotechnology, and pharmaceutical drug design. Transdermal (TD) drug delivery involves the release of the drug via the stratum corneum of the tissue membrane into the sustained release by diffusion across the epidermal layer. This method (often known as topical drug delivery) has increased noteworthy research enthusiasm in the course of recent decades due to its relatively simpler and non-invasive administration. Over the past few decades, considerable advancement was achieved in TD delivery and a number of drugs are now successfully reported. In this review, we focus on the progress regarding applications of important biopolymers described for the TD drug release applications and related aspects. Three mostly reported plant and animal-derived polymers (such as natural rubber, chitosan, and cellulose for the development of TD carrier system) were extensively analyzed. The general principle of TD drug delivery, advantages, and limitations of the works reported were also discussed.

Progress in natural polymer engineered biomaterials for transdermaldrug delivery systems

V.S. Sivasankarapillai, S.S. Das, F. Sabir, M.A. Sundaramahalingam, J.C. Colmenares, S. Prasannakumar, M. Rajan, A. Rahdar, and G.Z. Kyzas. Materials Today Chemistry,19 (2021) 100382.


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