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Patent application: Method of producing hybrid systems nonwoven – composite nanoparticles


What is about?

The subject of the invention is a method for producing hybrid nonwoven fabric-nanoparticles. The main areas of application of the invention are: chemical and petrochemical industry using photocatalytic processes for organic synthesis and biomass valorisation (including hydrogen production), the industry related to water filtration and retention, e.g. in the process of filtration and purification of water reservoirs from biological pollution, or industry related to air purification, e.g. producing respiratory protective masks using a properly formed polymer nonwoven fabric and selected nanoparticles.

Inventors: Kamil Czelej, Karol Ćwieka, Katarzyna Jabłczyńska, Łukasz Werner, Leon Gradoń and Juan Carlos Colmenares. Polish patent application nr: P.432594.

One more attemp from our group and collaborators to design/​fabricate the next generation of hybrid materials for water treatment and hydrogen production…among other potential applications…

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