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Ultrasound assisted ZnO Coating in Microflow based Photoreactor for Selective Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol to Benzaldehyde



Heterogenous photocatalysis in microflow system for generation of value added chemicals is a novel green chemistry approach requiring the understanding of photocatalysis, microfluidics and reactor design. Research in the development of low energy and environmental friendly based photo-microreactor system for photocatalysis is yet to be explored. Commercial ZnO nanoparticles were deposited in the inner wall of the fluoropolymer using low energy ultrasound bath at mild conditions and later used for selective conversion of aromatic alcohol to aldehyde. The deposition of the nanoparticles in the fluoropolymer is mainly attributed to the physical changes taking place inside the microtubes under the effect of ultrasound.

Vaishakh Nair, Juan Carlos Colmenares and Dmytro Lisovytskiy. Green Chemistry, 21 (2019) 1241 – 1246


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