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Multichannel Charge Transfer and Mechanistic Insight in Metal Decorated 2D-2D Bi2WO6-TiO2 Cascade with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance



Promising semiconductor-based photocatalysis toward achieving efficient solar-to-chemical energy conversion is an ideal strategy in response to the growing worldwide energy crisis, which however is often practically limited by the insufficient photoinduced charge-carrier separation. Here, a rational cascade engineering of Au nanoparticles (NPs) decorated 2D/2D Bi2WO6 – TiO2 (B – T) binanosheets to foster the photocatalytic efficiency through the manipulated flow of multichannel-enhanced charge-carrier separation and transfer is reported. Mechanistic characterizations and control experiments, in combination with comparative studies over plasmonic Au/​Ag NPs and nonplasmonic Pt NPs decorated 2D/2D B – T composites, together demonstrate the cooperative synergy effect of multiple charge-carrier transfer channels in such binanosheets-based ternary composites, including Z-scheme charge transfer, electron sink,” and surface plasmon resonance effect, which integratively leads to the boosted photocatalytic performance. 

Multichannel Charge Transfer and Mechanistic Insight in Metal Decorated 2D-2D Bi<sub>2</sub>WO<sub>6</sub>-TiO<sub>2</sub> Cascade with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance

Lan Yuan, Bo Weng, Juan Carlos Colmenares, Yugang Sun and Yi-Jun Xu. Small, 13 (2017) , 1702253. DOI: 10.1002/smll.201702253.


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