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Carbon-Based Nanocatalysts (CnCs) for Biomass Valorization and Hazardous Organics Remediation



The continuous increase of the demand in merchandise and fuels augments the need of modern approaches for the mass-production of renewable chemicals derived from abundant feedstocks, like biomass, as well as for the water and soil remediation pollution resulting from the anthropogenic discharge of organic compounds. Towards these directions and within the concept of circular (bio)economy, the development of efficient and sustainable catalytic processes is of paramount importance.

Within this context, the design of novel catalysts play a key role, with carbon-based nanocatalysts (CnCs) representing one of the most promising class of materials. In this review, a wide range of CnCs utilized for biomass valorization towards valuable chemicals production, and for envi- ronmental remediation applications are summarized and discussed. Emphasis is given in particular on the catalytic production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) from cellulose or starch-rich food waste, the hydrogenolysis of lignin towards high bio-oil yields enriched predominately in alkyl and oxygenated phenolic monomers, the photocatalytic, sonocatalytic or sonophotocatalytic selective partial oxidation of 5-HMF to 2,5-diformylfuran (DFF) and the decomposition of organic pollutants in aqueous matrixes.

The carbonaceous materials were utilized as stand-alone catalysts or as supports of (nano)metals are various types of activated micro/​mesoporous carbons, graphene/​graphite and the chemically modified counterparts like graphite oxide and reduced graphite oxide, carbon nanotubes, carbon quantum dots, graphitic carbon nitride, and fullerenes.

Carbon-Based Nanocatalysts (CnCs) for Biomass Valorization and Hazardous Organics Remediation

by Dimitrios A. Giannakoudakis, Foteini F. Zormpa, Antigoni G. Margellou, Abdul Qayyum, Ramón Fernando Colmenares-Quintero, Christophe Len, Juan Carlos Colmenares and Konstantinos S. Triantafyllidis. Nanomaterials 202212 (10), 1679

Published 14 May 2022

Article link:

https://​www​.mdpi​.com/2079 – 4991/12/10/1679

PDF version:

https://​www​.mdpi​.com/2079 – 4991/12/10/1679/pdf?version=1652663648

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