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The First GrInShield Summer School Chemistry Of Carbon-based Nanomaterials” in Serbia — Conference


The GrInShield Summer School on Chemistry of Nanomaterials recently concluded with great success, featuring esteemed guest lecturer Professor Juan Carlos Colmenares, a team leader of a Polish Academy of Sciences’ research group. 

Professor Colmenares delivered a captivating presentation titled:

  • Carbon/polymer-based nanostructured composites merged with flow chemistry for photocatalytic valorization of biomass.

His expertise and participation greatly contributed to the school’s achievements and sparked engaging discussions among attendees.

Conference was held from 26th to 30th June 2023 amidst the picturesque mountains near Belgrade in Serbia, the event provided a platform for researchers to delve into the realm of carbon-based nanomaterials, polymers, and carbon/polymer-based composites for flow photocatalysis applications.

Organized by Dr. Svetlana Jovanovic and her team from the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences. The event not only served as an academic gathering but also provided an opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings and culture of Serbia.

The GrInShield Summer School proved to be a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the participants and furthering advancements in the field of nanomaterials chemistry.

More information:


Hotel​“Crni Vrh”, Ljuti krš 1, Divčibare 14204, Serbia

The coordinator

Institut za Nuklearne Nauke Vinca, Institut od Nacionalnog Značaja za Republiku Srbiju, Univerzitet u Begradu (VINCA), Vinča Beograd, Serbia

Project partners

Fakulteta za Tehnologijo Polimerov (FTPO), Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Centre National De La Recherché Scientifique CNRS (CNRS), Paris, France and Universite De Lille, Lille, France,

Carl Von Ossietzky Universitaet Oldenburg (Uni Oldenburg), Oldenburg, Germany

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