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The 54th National Catalytic Colloquium


The 54th National Catalytic Colloquium was held on 1 – 3 June 2022 in a stationary form at the premises of the Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry. Jerzy Haber PAS. 

Our group participation by: 

  • Oral presentation by Ms. Swaraj R. Pradhan, entitled: Ultrasonic assisted wall-coated microreactor: A versatile tool for photocatalytic selective oxidation”. 
    Acknowledgments: This work is supported by the National Science Centre in Poland within SonataBis 5 Project No.2015/18/E/ST5/00306
  • Oral presentation by Mr. Abdul Qayyum, entitled: Titania-based photocatalytic selective cleavage of C – C bond of a lignin based model compounds”. 
    The authors would like to acknowledge the support from National Science Centre in Poland within the research project OPUS-13 no. 2017/25/B/ST8/01592. 

54 OKK provided profound insight into the most recent breakthroughs and innovative headway in the field of catalysis. This three-day event consisted of the keynote, oral, flash oral, and poster sessions. The topics of the 54 OKK covered a wide-ranging discussion on catalysis for application in oxidative dehydrogenation, photocatalytic selective oxidation, and biology. There were also interesting discussions related to computational studies on catalysts. Scientific contributions dealing with heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis from fundamental research to applied catalytic processes included researchers from the academic and industrial world. 

The 54th National Catalytic Colloquium
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