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Sharing our disruptive science with the most talented high school Polish students


Behdokht Hashemi Hosseini recently led a workshop on photocatalysis and sonocatalysis for high school students in Poland.

The workshop aimed to provide an overview of the subject, review key fundamentals, and engage students in the experimentation process. The five-day event featured theoretical and training sessions, presentations, panel discussions, experiments, and data collection.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for collaboration and open discussion, as well as an avenue for students to discover their own interests and potentials.

Title of the workshop: 

Photocatalysis and sonocatalysis: Sonocatalytic, photocatalytic processes for selective oxidation

Direct supervisor: Ms Behdokht Hashemi Hosseini

IPC-PAS Team 28:​“Catalysis for sustainable energy production and environmental protection, CatSEE”

Team leader: Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos Colmenares Quintero

Sharing our disruptive science with the most talented high school Polish students

The purpose of the workshop is to provide an overview of the subject, review some fundamentals in practice, engage the students and provide the report and presentation to discuss their results. It also provides an opportunity to collaborate and engage in open discussion and discover their own interests and potentials in future. The event is organized as follows (see workshop Agenda):

- Part 1 – Introduction and Theoretical content: Introduction, welcome statements and reviewing the meeting objectives.

- Part 2 – Presentation: An overview of key points and fundamentals

- Part 3 – Panel Discussion: Public engagement questions and answers period

- Part 4 – Experiments: Doing the experiment based on 5 days plan

- Part 5 – Next Steps: Surveying and discussing other ways to provide feedback.

Consultation materials available by e-mail: dr hab. inż. Juan Carlos Colmenares Quintero; jcarloscolmenares@​ichf.​edu.​pl; Behdokht Hashemi Hosseini; bhashemi.​hosseini@​ichf.​edu.​pl; Our website: http://​phở​to​-cata​ly​sis​.org

Workshop Agenda:

Daily Plans:

1st: Theoretical and Training session 9 -12 am; break time 12 – 1; Catalysis synthesis 12pm – 4pm

2nd: Doing experiments in photocatalysis (Batch system) 10 am-3 pm; break time 12 – 1

3rd: Doing experiments in sonocatalysis (Batch system) 10 am-3 pm; break time 12 – 1

4th: Theoretical and Training session on HPLC Analysis 9am-12 pm break time 12 – 1 Samples on HPLC

5th: Data collection 10am -12pm; 12 – 1 break time 1 pm- 4pm; Report preparation and presentation

Acknowledgements: The experimental part of this workshop has received funding from the National Science Centre, Poland, within OPUS-20 project number 2020/39/B/ST5/00076


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