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Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos Colmenares is on the world list of 2% of the best scientists in the field of chemistry


We are so happy that Prof. Dr. Juan C. Colmenares is included in the World’s Top 2% Scientists at Stanford University ranking for the third consecutive year (2019, 2020, and 2021).

This ranking is considered the most prestigious worldwide, and it is based on the bibliometric information (citation metrics) obtained from the Scopus database, including around 200,000 researchers from the more than 10 million scientists considered to be active worldwide.

Prof. Colmenares’s comment on that news:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my closest family for their very good intentions and invaluable support. I am grateful to all good people (their kindness and openness) for introducing me to the fascinating world of materials science/​engineering, green energy, sonochemistry, environmental protection, and heterogeneous photocatalysis.

Thank you to Prof. Dr. Jacek A. Kijeński, Prof. Dr. Jose M. Marinas, Prof. Dr. George A. Olah (late, a great scientist and philosopher), Prof. Dr. Surya Prakash, and Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Karpiński for giving me the opportunity to learn and develop by working in their research groups. I would also like to thank the former (Prof. Dr. Robert Hołyst), and current (Prof. Dr. Marcin Opałło) Director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC-PAS in Warsaw) for enabling me to continue my research interests at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC-PAS) in Warsaw, and also extend my gratitude to Prof. Dr. Ramon Fernando Colmenares, director of the Engineering Research Institute at Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia for such amazing professional and personal cooperation/​collaboration so far”.

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Table 1 Authors singleyr 2021 pubs since 1788 wopp extracted 202209.xlsx

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