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Our part in a documentary KRYPTON — The Future of Catalysis” — episode 3. on a Polish National TV Network — TVP


Our research team was invited to take part in a 2023 documentary related to the future of photo-catalysis and catalysis. The documentary was produced for Polish National TV Network TVP” and can be accessed on a VOD platform below.


Our part takes place from 1408

TV’s introduction for this material:

Since the beginning of history, humanity has tried to understand and master the rules governing chemical changes. Over time, we discovered that reactions are influenced not only by their components or conditions, but also by their catalysts. These are substances that direct and accelerate chemical reactions, although they are not subject to them themselves. We will visit several laboratory groups operating at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Scientists working there will present the phenomenon of catalysis and its importance in their research. Catalysis is used in innovative methods of water purification, valorization of organic waste, and in the creation of the latest generation of photovoltaics.”

Science Media Production Weronika Szypszak
Moviola Grzegorz Liwiński

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