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One of the best publications of IPC-PAS from our group


Our publication entitled Hierarchically CdS Decorated 1D ZnO Nanorods-2D Graphene Hybrids: Low Temperature Synthesis and Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance” (Chuang Han, Zhang Chen, Nan Zhang, Juan Carlos Colmenares and Yi-Jun Xu. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2015, 25, 221 – 229. http://​onli​ne​li​bra​ry​.wiley​.com/​d​o​i​/​10​.​1002​/​a​d​f​m​.​201402443​/​a​b​s​tract) won the 3rd place of the contest for the best 2015 publication (among 70+ publications taking part in the contest) of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC-PAS) in Warsaw. Award based on the Evaluation Committee decision: for the preparation of a new generation of active ternary photocatalysts ZnO-CdS-GR”.

Our sincere thanks to the Evaluation Committee for giving us such recognition.

This excellent article is the result of an incredible friendship and research collaboration with Prof. Yi-Jun Xu group.

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