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Front cover picture for our article in Energy Technology


Energy Technology journal highlights the importance of our article by accepting our well-designed Front Cover Image”. Big thanks to the Editorial Team of Energy Technology!!!

The cover image depicts a world where two wastes (lignocellulosic biomass and CO2) will be the sources of fuels, chemicals, and commodities thanks to the use of less expensive transition-metal-based catalysts in a low-temperature dry reforming process. This contribution explains a proof of concept of this kind of world, demonstrating through a critical literature analysis that carbon dioxide can be utilized in a low-temperature catalytic process to upgrade lignocellulose-based molecules with the main goal of producing the properly designed ratio of CO/H2 in syngas. More details can be found in our Collaborative Review:

Catalytic Dry Reforming for Biomass-Based Fuels Processing: Progress and Future Perspectives, Juan C. Colmenares, Ramon F. Colmenares Q. and Izabela S. Pieta. Energy Technology (Front Cover Page) (2016). DOI: 10.1002/ente.201600195.



Front cover picture for our article in Energy Technology
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