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Famous lignina” in the Polish television: Black or White?…


Lignina” (in Polish language) is a colloquial term used by a good number of people in Poland which means cellulose wadding” (dressing white material consisting of a thin sheet of compressed cellulose)…Is it correct? Not really…

People of our group had the opportunity to explain for the Polish television (Panorama News and popular science program Sonda 2 both of TVP2) and by this to the entire Poland what is really lignina” (lignin in English), and what our group is doing for the valorization of papermaking wastes (kraft lignin” is a black liquor based mostly on lignin) using our photocatalytic-based proof of concepts.

Just to kindly remind you through a popular science definition” that lignin is:In nature, lignin is present primarily in wood, where it is responsible for wood’s consistency and hardness. The lignin content of wood is typically from 10 to 40% depending on the tree species (the species also affects the chemical composition of the lignin). In industry, lignin is produced in large quantities during the manufacture of paper, as a waste product in the wood softening process. World reserves of lignin are huge and they are continuing to increase. From the chemical point of view lignin is a natural polymer with a very complex three-dimensional structure, constructed of, among others, many derivative aromatic compounds including those from various phenyl alcohols. This chemical richness makes lignin a potentially very interesting raw material for the chemical industry.”. More about lignin at:

in English:
http://​phys​.org/​n​e​w​s​/2016 – 02-lignin-crude-oil-future-sun.html 

in Polish:

Interview for the Polish Radio TOK fm:

Interview for the Polish Television: TV-2 program Sonda 2” and Panaroma News of TVP 2

Famous „lignina” in the Polish television: Black or White?...
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