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Application of Green Chemistry principles in everyday life: Clean Water and Energy


A SIMPLE METHOD OF WATER PURIFICATION AND ENERGY EXTRACTION FROM ORGANIC WASTEWATER: an application of green chemistry principles in everyday life, Juan Carlos Colmenares, Enzo B. Arévalo-García and Ramón F. Colmenares-Quintero. Journal of Science Education, Nº 1, Vol. 16 (2015) 17 – 19. ISSN 0124 – 5481.

Growing demand for chemicals worldwide added to destruction of the environment is placing increasing pressure on the chemical industry. Green chemistry is the most fundamental approach to preventing pollution and to ease the pressure on traditional chemical processes.
This paper reveals an easy and straightforward methodology used to popularize green chemistry principles. The authors’ achieved objective was to explain a complex scientific topic of the application of photocatalysis in water detoxification and valorization of organic wastewater to the general public in a vivid and simple way.
We expect the approach here presented will become a gateway to make green chemistry trendy and interesting for the public in general and at the same time, it will also help implement further environmentally friendly chemical processes and product design.

Application of Green Chemistry principles in everyday life: Clean Water and Energy
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