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A successful first MC meeting of our COST Action in Brussels: Excellent Networking Area!


Dr Colmenares has participated during the first Management Committee meeting of the COST Action FP1306 on May 15th in Brussels.
What is this COST Action?:

The Aim
The main objective of the Action is to develop low impact environmentally sound and cost-effective lignocellulose valorization technologies to be exploited in the production of industrially-relevant bio-derived chemicals, materials and fuels.

Potential impact of the Action
The potential application areas and benefits to the European forest-based and bioenergy-based industries as well as agro-industries are numerous, such as improvement of traditional manufacturing processes to save energy or chemicals, development of sustainable and low environmental impact solutions for the utilization of forest and agro-industrial resources, design of novel efficient catalytic systems for more efficient hydrolysis of lignocellulosic carbohydrates into sugars, and novel transformation processes of intermediates into fuels, energy and chemicals.

The Action will especially benefit the forestry sector (Pulp and paper) by creating new knowledge and new synergistic approaches for biorefineries, helping to preserve this industry in Europe. Presently, pulp and paper companies evaluate traditional or nonconventional pulping methods to take advantage of the potential carbohydrate streams for ethanol production. The chemical industry has started to consider lignocellulose as a source for platform chemicals”. The Action will also benefit the agricultural sector as value-added products can be generated from the lignocellulosic waste raw materials. During the life-span of the Action, know-how on new benign methodologies will be delivered to academia and industry through annual workshops, conferences and publications. The Action is expected to lead to various innovations; i.e. development of novel heterogeneous catalytic systems and their application in biorefineries.

Keywords: Valorisation of Lignocellulosic Biomass Residues, Biorefinery, Forest Products, Catalysis, Sustainability.


A successful first MC meeting of our COST Action in Brussels: Excellent Networking Area!
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