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Interesting B.Sc. projects (theses) in our research group


Thanks to the collaboration between the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University (UKSW) and Our Institute (IChF-PAN) B.Sc. theses based on research projects are possible:

1. B.Sc. thesis title: Synthesis of supported hybrid nanomaterials based on semiconductor/​carbonaceous material and their photocatalytic activity in water purification”. Student in charge: Bożena Alina Deka.

2. B.Sc. thesis title: Optimization of SonoPhoto” method used in the preparation of nano-bimetallic supported composites: photocatalysts for the mineralization of organic wastewater”. Student in charge: Kamil Urbański. 

Interesting B.Sc. projects (theses) in our research group
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