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Pilot plant photocatalytic tests and official agreement of collaboration signed: A fruitful visit in Cordoba (Spain)


Our (Juan C. Colmenares and Agnieszka Magdziarz) recent research visit in Cordoba was culminated successfully:

1. It has been signed an official scientific collaboration agreement between our institute (IPC-PAS) and the University of Cordoba (UCO, Spain).

2. During the research visit of our PhD candidate (Agnieszka Magdziarz) were tested some of our photocatalysts in a Pilot Plant Solar Photoreactor for wastewater degradation. Some peculiarities of the reactor are:

Large-scale solar photochemical experiments were performed in a pilot plant purchased from Ecosystem SA (Barcelona, Spain). It consists in a compound parabolic collector (CPC) solar photoreactor (re. Solardetox® Acadus-2008/2.0) with 16 borosilicate tubes and aluminium reflectors tilted 45°. Total collector surface is 2 m2 and illuminated volume is 15.1 L (30 L being the total volume pumped at 2.1 m3 h1 from a reservoir). The plant is also equipped with temperature, dissolved oxygen and UV-radiation (ACADUD 85-PLS radiometer) sensors whose data are sent to a computer.

We want to thank all the people from the Sustainable Organic Chemistry”research group (http://​sustorg​chem​-uco​.weebly​.com/) at UCO for such very nice working environment and priceless help.

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