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Our research on selective photocatalysis recognized by a very high IF (24.89) journal


Heterogeneous photocatalytic nanomaterials: prospects and challenges in selective transformations of biomass-derived compounds, Juan Carlos Colmenares and Rafael Luque, Chemical Society Reviews (2014) DOI: 10.1039/c3cs60262a

Open Access!!!


• Photocatalysis can bring several benefits from the energetic and environmental viewpoints.
• Heterogeneous photocatalysts can play an important role in developing new technologies for the chemical sector at room temperature and atmospheric pressure (complex transformations in one-pot processes).
• Photochemical reactions under milder conditions to those generally present in thermal processes can facilitate the design of short and efficient reaction sequences, minimizing side processes and making use of sunlight as a completely renewable source of energy.
• Photocatalysis has a significant potential for the conversion of lignocellulosics to valuable products.

Our research on selective photocatalysis recognized by a very high IF (24.89) journal
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