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EcoNanomaterials by a simple ultrasound methodology


Please check our next high (5.2) IF (Impact Factor) article on a simple methodology to obtain light-active nanomaterials.

Sonication-Assisted Low-Temperature Routes for the Synthesis of Supported Fe – TiO2 Econanomaterials: Partial Photooxidation of Glucose and Phenol Aqueous Degradation”. 

Juan C. Colmenares, Agnieszka Magdziarz, Olga Chernyayeva, Dmytro Lisovytskiy, Krzysztof Kurzydłowski, and Justyna Grzonka. ChemCatChem 2013, 5. DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201300025


EcoNanomaterials by a simple ultrasound methodology
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