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Special recognition for our article: Green Chemistry and Sustainability ahead!


Our article has been selected as part of a special issue on Climate for Chemistry, highlighting the importance of Climate Change Research.

Our paper is now freely available to read at the SDG resource centre which can be reached here: https://​sdgre​so​ur​ces​.relx​.com/​s​p​e​c​i​a​l​-​i​s​s​u​e​s​/​c​h​e​m​i​s​t​r​y​-​c​l​i​m​a​t​e​-​a​ction

Our sincere thanks to Elsevier for such valuable recognition, and the National Science Centre in Poland for substantially supporting our research.

Special recognition for our article: Green Chemistry and Sustainability ahead!

About our article:Selective redox photocatalysis: Is there any chance for solar bio-refineries?”. Juan Carlos Colmenares in: Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 15 (2019) 38 – 46.


This mini-review succinctly describes the recent progresses in selective heterogeneous photocatalysis for the preparation of high value organics from lignocellulose-based waste as well as the perspective use of its fundamentals to develop a new concept of solar bio-refineries highlighting the challenges for the future and some needs to innovate. The main recent uses of heterogeneous photocatalysis in the field of green synthesis procedures for making key value organics starting from a suitable depolymerization of lignocellulose trough a downstream processing is giving a lot of hope to develop the concept of a bio-refinery based on solar photocatalysis.

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