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Press release from our group: For cleaner air, water, and soil”


The air around us is still getting more and more polluted. No wonder many scientists strive to find a way to purify it. Thanks to the work of an international team led by prof. Juan Carlos Colmenares from the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, we are a big step closer to achieve this goal. They found a way to make an efficient reactive adsorbent able to purify the air from various toxic compounds, cheaply, and effectively.

Selected media covering our scientific findings:

In Polish:


Interview for Radio dla Ciebie” in Polish:


In English:

https://​eure​ka​lert​.org/​p​u​b​_​r​e​l​e​a​s​e​s​/2020 – 07/iopc-fca070720.php


https://​phys​.org/​n​e​w​s​/2020 – 07-cleaner-air-soil.html


Press release from our group: "For cleaner air, water, and soil"

Press release based on our article:

Ultrasound-activated TiO2/GO-based bifunctional photoreactive adsorbents for detoxification of chemical warfare agent surrogate vapors”. Authors: D.A. Giannakoudakis, N. Farahmand, D. Łomot, Kamil Sobczak, T.J. Bandosz, and J.C. Colmenares. Chemical Engineering Journal, (2020).DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2020.125099 Open Access!!!!


D.A.G., D.Ł. and J.C.C. are very grateful to the National Science Centre in Poland for the support through the projects: OPUS-13 project No 2017/25/B/ST8/01592 and project Miniatura 2 No 2018/02/X/ST5/03531.

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