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Master thesis defence in our group


Today Kamil Urbański successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis here at the Institute, his thesis’s title was Preparation of polymeric hybrid materials with photocatalytic properties”.

Congratulations to Kamil!!!

With this defence, Kamil completes his Master degree from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Universityin Warsaw.

Few words about this research-based thesis:

In this work, we have successfully synthesized organic-inorganic composite materials with photocatalytic properties for phenol mineralization in water and selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol to aldehydes in liquid phase (water and acetonitrile) under UV light. Composite filter materials were obtained via modification of commercially available polypropylene (PP) nonwovens with well-known photocatalysts (from the market: TiO2 P25, TiO2 P90 and ZnO). TiO2 P25, TiO2 P90 and ZnO photocatalysts were deposited on polypropylene nonwovens using ultrasonic assisted wet impregnation protocol. The resulting composite nanomaterials were characterized by several techniques (i.e. DR UV-Vis, XRD, BET, SEM) and subsequently tested for their photocatalytic activities in liquid phase using a batch photoreactor”.

Aknowledgements: This M.Sc. thesis was partially supported by the National Science Centre (NCN) in Poland within the research project Sonata Bis Nr.2015/18/E/ST5/00306.

Master thesis defence in our group
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