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Microsymposium IPC PAS 9 – 10th January 2024 in Warsaw, Poland with presentation by Abdul Qayyum


The IPC PAS organizes a microsymposium in every January, aiming to present the research endeavors of the past year and to stimulate academic discourse among the diverse groups, teams, and labs within the institute.

This year, our annual microsymposium took place on 9 – 10th January 2024 in the Aula Auditorium, at the campus of the institute. During the microsymposium we had 12 oral talks and 88 poster presentations.

Oral presentation by Abdul Qayyum entitled​“Tuning the physicochemical features of titanium oxide nanomaterials by ultrasound: Elevating photocatalytic elective partial oxidation of lignin-inspired aromatic alcohols

(Coauthor; Dimitrios A. Giannakoudakis, Dariusz Łomot, Ramon Fernando Colmenares-Quintero, Alec P. LaGrow, Kostiantyn Nikiforow, Dmytro Lisovytskiy, Juan Carlos Colmenares) 

Poster presentations:

  • Hanggara Sudrajat, Ilenia Rossetti and Juan Carlos Colmenares titled Piezocatalysis: a promising alternative route for CO2 reduction”
  • Abdul Qayyum, Dimitrios A. Giannakoudakis, Dariusz Lomot, Juan Carlos Colmenares titled Catalytic selective oxidative cleavage of β-O-4 linkages of a lignin based model compounds by novel titanate nanomaterials
  • Behdokht Hashemi, Juan Carlos Colmenares, Dariusz Łomot titled Natural-polymers-based Nanocomposites Prepared Through Ultrasound-assisted Hydrosolvothermal Methods: Selective Photoredox Catalysis
  • Nilesh Manwar, Maya Nobatova and Juan Carlos Colmenares Quintero titled Plasmon-induced 2D-supported catalysts promoted CO2 conversions and photocatalytic biomass valorization
  • Behdokht Hashemi Hosseini, Dariusz Lomot, Rafael L. Oliveira, and Juan C. Colmenares titled Efficient Heterogeneous Sonocatalysis by Porous Heteroatomdoped Carbons in Selective Oxidation and C-C coupling of Syringic alcohol
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