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Juan Carlos Colmenares Quintero appointed as a Full Professor at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw


Prof. Dr. Marek Konarzewski (President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, PAS) has appointed Juan Carlos Colmenares Quintero as a Full Professor at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC-PAS) in Warsaw. Juan received this nomination (in the form of a diploma and a letter from the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences) from Dr. Hab. Adam Kubas (Director of the IPC-PAS).

Juan Carlos Colmenares Quintero, a leading member of the CatSEE research group, specializes in interdisciplinary research, focusing on sustainable technologies. His groundbreaking work includes transforming biomass into chemicals and clean water.

Juan Carlos Colmenares Q. started his education in a small, foresty place around Aguachica city at Las Americas primary school. A place surrounded by nature and its inspirational values, with ambitious and hard working teachers. A school without a library.

Juan’s pursuit of knowledge led him to Poland through a scholarship program. Captivated by the principles of discipline and dedication at Warsaw University of Technology, he furthered his studies in the USA under Nobel laureate Professor George A. Olah. Now, with a prestigious professorship degree, Juan’s dedication and resilience continue to inspire us all. 

Congratulations, Juan Carlos, on this extraordinary achievement! 

Receiving this prestigious title is deeply connected with the principles in science field one should follow — like passion, consistency, collaboration, sincerity and resilience. Thanks from the depth of my heart to all of the people that supported me during this wonderful journey in the name of education. Let the energy of the universe bless you! Sincerely and always yours, Juan Carlos”.

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