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Extending our research team with Dr Ahmed Malek Djaballah


Dr Ahmed Malek Djaballah, a new Postdoctoral Fellow, has recently joined the Solar Chemistry research group no. 28.

With experience in a variety of fields, including environmental chemistry, photocatalysis, the synthesis of nanomaterials, the production of hydrogen from biomass and the development of water purification technologies.

Dr Ahmed Malek Djaballah received his Ph.D in chemistry from the University of science and technology, Algiers, Algeria. His research used various heterosystems based on spinels oxides and titanium dioxyde to study the degradation of organic dyes and photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible light irradiation.

Additionally, Dr Ahmed Malek Djaballah performed many research experinces on the production of hydrogen and the value-adding from biomass during his Ph.D internship at the Schiavello-Grillon Photocatalysis Group, University of Palermo, Italy.

Dr Malek’s work will be focusing on the project OPUS 20

Nanoengineering of multicomponent metal-free carbonaceous materials for bio-oil upgrading through ultrasound-assisted selective redox photocatalysis in continuous-flow reactors.

About the OPUS project

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