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CatSEE Research Group Welcomes Photocatalysis Expert Dr. Steplinpaulselvin Selvinsimpson


Our research group is thrilled to announce the addition of Steplinpaulselvin Selvinsimpson to our team.

Dr. Steplinpaulselvin brings extensive experience in the field of photocatalysis, with a Ph.D. in Chemistry focused on the degradation of organic dyes under visible light irradiation using modified zinc oxide photocatalysts.

He also has experience in synthesizing semiconductor nanomaterials using different methods and analyzing their structural and optical properties, as well as assessing the survival of plant and animal life in treated wastewater. Dr. Steplinpaulselvin’s expertise and research interests align perfectly with our Photo-catalysis research group.

Dr. Steplinpaulselvin will be focusing his work on a project:


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