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Assessment of biofuels production in Colombia



Different efforts have been realised in the last years in order to find some alternatives for fossil fuels. Biofuels have been cited as one of the possible substitutes for fossil fuels because the majority of vehicles and machines can use biofuels without any modification and produce fewer emissions. Additionally, some developing countries are presented as a good location for biofuels production due to their climate, economic and social conditions. The methodology used in this study is as follows: firstly, the current drivers and barriers that impact the production of biofuels in Colombia were identified in the available literature. The results showed Colombia presents some special conditions for the production of biofuels that allow it to generate a competitive advantage compared to other countries. However, there are some barriers that can affect the adoption and production of biofuels in the country. Secondly, a survey was realised to biofuel producers, suppliers and researchers in order to validate their motivations and perceptions. Some similitudes and differences regard to the literature were found out in the results of the surveys. Hence, this information allowed the authors to understand the reality of biofuels in Colombia from the views of the stakeholders. Therefore, based on the information of the questionnaires a framework was realised to take advantage of the strengths. Additionally, a set of policies were mentioned in order to mitigate the impact of the weaknesses. The authors believe that this set of policies will help stakeholders to have a better production of biofuels in Colombia.

C.J. Rico Cruz, Kim E. Stansfield, J.C. Colmenares Quintero, R.F. Colmenares Quintero. Cogent Engineering (2020), 7: 1740041. DOI: 10.1080÷23311916.2020. 


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