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About BERSTIC Network, who we are? 

Founded in Colombia in 2012 by the CEO of Engineering Research Institute (In3) at the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (UCC), Prof. dr Ramón Fernando Colmenares Quintero.

The organization aims to foster applied scientific research, generate fundamental knowledge, train high-quality research personnel, implement training and technology projects, transfer technology, extend technological services, and disseminate knowledge in an interdisciplinary approach, with both national and international implications. 

Today it counts more than 100 members around the word.

Main objectives

  • Transfer knowledge acquired from national and international experts to researchers, as well as people related to the field of biorefineries, industrial energy and how ICT-based solutions can better support processes in these sectors.
  • Develop co-creation workshops and business round tables between academia, businesses and international and national experts in order to generate alliances or exchange knowledge around specific projects.
  • Identify solutions based on capabilities and technologies developed by academia, industry or government that are applicable to national and global energy challenges (Sustainable Development Goals).

Berstic Vision, Goals and Impact

Through its interdisciplinary and multicampus work, BERSTIC Network is able to generate advances in applied scientific research, generate basic knowledge, form highly qualified human capital for research, carry out training and technology-based projects and innovation, transfer technology, extend technology and technological services, disseminate and socially use knowledge, and have an impact on a national and international scale. 


We aim to be at the forefront of innovation, research, and development in the areas of energy, water, biomass, and smart territory by the year 2030, addressing global concerns in this space.

Sustainable development, equitable and effective education, social justice, human rights, and stable institutions are all goals of the BERSTIC Network, which aims to find creative solutions to difficult development problems and show people the way to a better life.

Berstic Values

LATAM & European Network BERSTIC: Engineering Business Opportunities based on Science, Technology, Innovation & Culture and active under four different working groups, in different fields and disciplines:

  1. Circular Economy: It involves transforming biomass into energy, fuels, and industrial chemicals in Colombia, with a primary focus on utilizing agro-industrial waste
  2. Energy Transformation: Utilizing renewables for non-conventional energy, involving resource assessment and technology adaptation
  3. Education and Culture: Links perceptions, beliefs, and pedagogical models, testing new teaching methods with digital-era immersive technologies
  4. Digital Transformation: It uses ICT and intelligent systems to enhance research, innovation, and development, aiming to improve citizens’ lives, sustain territories, and inform decision-making


Pr. Dr Ramon Fernando Colmenares Quintero

CEO and founder of the BERSTIC Network

Email: director@​berstic.​edu.​co / institutoberstic@​gmail.​com

Website: https://​ber​stic​.edu​.co/

Twitter: @Bersticucc

Facebook: Science, Technology, Innovation and Culture Network — BERSTIC

LinkedIn: @Bersticucc

Youtube : @bersticinstituto7504

The International Congress on Biorefineries and ICT-Supported Renewable Energies (BERSTIC) returns for its fourth edition this time opening its doors from September 19th to 20th, 2024 in Warsaw, Poland. 

To stakeholders from the academic, industrial and the private sectors and which will be a real opportunity and occasion to create a space to discuss and take up the challenges facing the different problems related to the energy and environmental sector, following the main subjects: Education and Culture, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalisation, Water Management, Hydrogen Production and International Cooperation.

After its three previous editions, this 4th will mark as the first outside Colombia, with the participation of different national and international speakers of different nationalities, students, entrepreneurs, professors and managers met in order to transfer, develop and identify solutions based on the capabilities and technologies developed by academia, industry or government and applicable to the country’s energy and global challenges, and above all collaborative work between the different actors in the technological innovation sector. 

The 4th International Congress on Biorefining and ICT-supported Renewable Energies will be held as follows:

A virtual component with broadcasting on the YouTube channel of the BERSTIC Network, in this part of the event will be presented the proposed solutions to the challenges posed and lectures by experts on the respective topics. This will take place on 5, 6, 12, 13 August and 23 September 2024

The best proposed solutions will be able to participate to present a pitch (face-to-face or virtual) at the closing event, which will be the traditional Business Roundtable, to be held in Warsaw, Poland, on 19 – 20 September 2024. The participation in this event will give the opportunity to interact with different stakeholders and expose their innovative ideas to a varied public, among which stand out CTeI missions from Colombia, Spain and Belgium, as part of the projects allied to this event, the promotion of Science Diplomacy, funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia, the Awardee Excellence Community of the Royal Academy of Engineering of the United Kingdom and the CELISE Funded project of the research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 of the European Union.

International Congress on Biorefineries and Renewable Energies Supported by ICTs — BERSTIC 

International Projects Organised by BERSTIC 

Organized, in progress and planned projects by BERSTIC in Education and energy transformation:

  1. ENCORE: Energizing coastal areas with offshore renewable energy
  2. CELISE – Sustainable production of cellulose-based products and -additives intended for PME and rural areas
  3. Study of the processes of biorefinery applied to the biomass from lignocellulosic developments
  4. See a sustainable and inclusive Colombia
  5. KA171 – ERASMUS+ International mobility of credits
  6. Development of a computational tool (ZNI)
  7. Gamification-based methodology to improve the teaching-learning process


BERSTIC Partners


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